PPR Wipag
T: +44 (0) 1304 219555
We are now processing non-automotive post consumer plastics.

Working with Remade South East we are undertaking trials for Kent County Council to recycle bulky household waste, for example:

  • garden furniture
  • large children's toys
  • paint pots
  • plant pots
Production scrap, used plastic parts...
we treat by repelletisation and/or compounding, and produce pellets, which meet your requirements. Our compounding technology is there to supply you with tailor-made raw materials.
Plastic composites...
we separate into the single fractions to a high degree of purity. These plastic materials are used as regrind or as recyclate achieving equivalent properties to those originally obtained with the virgin material.
Painted plastics...
are separated from their coatings by a completely mechanical process. Thus, they may also be re-used in visible parts, which demand class A surfaces.
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