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Composit Seperation Plastic composites of two or three layers have so far been considered as waste for dumping. With our separation technology it is now possible to separate composites from interior parts, achieving high purities and yields of the individual layers.

Basic processes involve delamination and separation. In the delamination stage the composite is transformed into a mixture of the components, which are subsequently separated.

  • a hard carrier (SMA, PC/ABS-GF, PP-TV, PPO-PS)
  • a semirigid foam (e.g. polyurethene)
  • a skin (e.g. PVC, PUR, ABS/PVC)
With our mechanical technology, we are able to separate these composites in single fractions, each of them to a high degree of purity. The carrier material obtained by this process is re-used back into the original application.

Photo: BMW AG
Production scrap, used plastic parts...
we treat by repelletisation and/or compounding, and produce pellets, which meet your requirements. Our compounding technology is there to supply you with tailor-made raw materials.
Plastic composites...
we separate into the single fractions to a high degree of purity. These plastic materials are used as regrind or as recyclate achieving equivalent properties to those originally obtained with the virgin material.
Painted plastics...
are separated from their coatings by a completely mechanical process. Thus, they may also be re-used in visible parts, which demand class A surfaces.
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